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BOMAG BM2000/75 Cold Planer

BOMAG BM2000/75 Cold Planer

The output and efficiency of the BM2000/75 cold planer makes it ideally suited for large-scale projects on highways, major roads, and airports.

Optimized Power

Every design detail of the milling drum and holder system contributes to the superior productivity of the BM2000/75.

Time Savings

The complete change of tool holders requires only about 25% of the time needed with conventional systems. Time saved that is directly converted into increased machine availability.

High Quality Components

The optimized arrangement of the holder systems on the milling drum is the secret of the outstanding milling quality and high efficiency of BOMAG planers.

Fatigue-Free & Safe Operation

An attractive and safe operating environment which provides ideal conditions for work in a seated position – with no harmful vibration.


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Main Specs

  • Operating Weight 76059LBS
  • Horsepower 760HP
  • Emission Rating Tier 4 Final
  • Milling Width 78.7 in


  • Engine Make/Model MTU (Mercedes) / 10V 1600
  • Net Torque 2463LBF/FT
  • Rated Speed 2100rpm
  • Displacement 1067in3


  • Transmission Type Mechanical
  • Max Forward Speed 4.6mph
  • Drive Configuration 4 crawler tracks
  • Track Length 6ft 4in
  • Track Shoe Width 11.8in
  • Working Speed 32.8 yds/min
  • Fuel Consumption @ Rated Power 0.32 lb/hph



  • Operating Length - Conveyor Extended 50ft 2in
  • Transport Length - Conveyor Folded 28ft 1in
  • Max Width 8ft 10in
  • Transport Width 8ft 10in
  • Max Conveyor Clearance Height 16ft 4in
  • Transport Height - Conveyor Folded 9ft 10in


  • Cutting Radius - Rhs / Lhs 6ft 6in / 42ft 7in
  • Cutting Diameter 34.5in
  • Number of Cutting Teeth 162
  • Milling Width 78.7in
  • Milling Depth 13.8in
  • Rotor Line Spacing 0.59in
  • Max Rotor Speed 131 rpm

Conveyor System

  • Length 24ft 11in
  • Width 35.4in
  • Conveyor Swing 60° Left / 60° Right

Fluid Capacities

  • Fuel Tank 317 gal
  • Hydraulic Tank 105.7 gal
  • Water Tank 1,056 gal

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BOMAG BM2000/75 Cold Planer

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