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Liebherr PR 764 Litronic Crawler Dozer

Liebherr PR 764 Litronic Crawler Dozer

Power and innovative technology are the hallmarks of Liebherr crawler tractors. Whether for precision grading or heavy pushing, the PR 764 is a powerful machine for any application.

Impressive Power

The powerful Liebherr diesel engine, combined with Liebherr’s innovative driveline, makes ample power available for every working situation. The hydrostatic drive requires no gear shifting: engine power reaches the tracks without interruption, even when turning.

Constant Low Engine Speeds

The Liebherr diesel engine always operates at a constant speed – in the most economical rpm range – regardless of the actual travel speed. This avoids unnecessary fuel consumption.

Box-Section Main Frame

The main frame is of box-section design – a well-proven principle for maximum torsional stiffness and optimal absorption of forces. Cast steel is used for components subject to high stress.

Simple, Precise Control

A single joystick controls all travel movements conveniently and accurately, including the ‘counter rotation’ function.


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Main Specs

  • Operating Weight 99693LBS
  • Horsepower 422HP
  • Emission Rating Tier 3
  • Blade Capacity 17.8 - 22.2 yd³


  • Engine Make/Model Liebherr / D9508 A7
  • Rated Speed 1600rpm
  • Displacement 989in3
  • Engine Design 8 cylinder V-engine, turbocharged


  • Transmission Type Hydrostatic
  • Controls Actuation Electronic
  • Control Proportional Joystick w/ Inch Brake Pedal
  • Speed Range 1 (reverse) 2.5 mph (2.8 mph)
  • Speed Range 2 (reverse) 4 mph (4.8 mph)
  • Speed Range 3 (reverse) 6.8 mph (6.8 mph)



  • Height Over Cab 12ft 9in
  • Overall Length (no attachments) 17ft 4in
  • Length With Straight Blade 24ft 9in
  • Height of Grousers 3.31in
  • Width Over Trunnions 10ft 8in
  • Ground Clearance 25in


  • System Type Load Sensing
  • Pump Type Swash Plate Piston Pump
  • Max Pump Flow 77.9 gal/min
  • Max Operating Pressure 3,770 PSI
  • Control Valve 2 Segments - Expandable to 4


  • Track Shoe Width 24in
  • Track Links Per Side 44
  • Track Gauge 88in
  • Track Length On Ground 11ft 7in
  • Ground Pressure 14.93 PSI

Blade (Semi-U)

  • Blade Width 14ft 4in
  • Blade Height 6ft 5in
  • Blade Capacity 17.79 yd³
  • Blade Dig Depth 2ft 1in
  • Max Blade Tilt 3ft 4in

Ripper (1 Shank)

  • Ripper Weight 10,551 lbs
  • Lifting Height (min/max) 10in / 3ft 3in
  • Ripping Depth (min/max) 1ft 7in / 4ft 3in
  • Additional Length (Raised/Lowered) 6ft 3in / 8ft 2in
  • Overall Beam Width 4ft 7in

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Liebherr PR 764 Litronic Crawler Dozer

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