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Link-Belt 348 HYLAB 5 Lattice Crawler Crane

Link-Belt 348 HYLAB 5 Lattice Crawler Crane

348 HYLAB 5 Crane by Link-Belt

The 348 HYLAB 5 is built for performance and mobility, with a transport weight of 87,100 lbs with carbody, live mast with self-assemble cylinder, and hoist rope. This crane is heavy-duty power for the most demanding jobs.

Strong Power Plant

Robust engine with total horsepower control provides unbeatable line speeds under load.

Simplified Transport & Assembly

Counterweight “biscuit” design allows for various configuration options and easy blend outs for transport. There’s no need for a helper crane or special rigging block.

Built For the Job

Harness the 348 HYLAB 5’s heavy-duty power with matched front & rear drum performance with 54,269 lbs line pull.

Cab Convenience

Standard features include rated capacity limiter, air conditioner, and pilot-operated armchair controls w/ adjustable sliding console.


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Main Specs

  • Operating Weight 354888LBS
  • Horsepower 365HP
  • Emission Rating Tier 3
  • Capacity Class 300 US Ton


  • Engine Make/Model Mitsubishi / 6M70-TL
  • Net Torque 1114LBF/FT
  • Rated Speed 2000rpm
  • Displacement 786in3


  • Transmission Type Axial piston motor and a planetary gear reduction unit
  • Max Forward Speed 1.0mph
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 132 gal



  • Height Over Cab 11ft 6in
  • Height w/ Pontoons 15ft 2in
  • Width - Retracted Tracks 23ft 4in
  • Width - Extended Tracks 26ft 2in
  • Transport Length 40ft 1in

Lower Structure

  • Frame Welded box construction
  • Side Frame Length 30ft 8in
  • Track Shoe Width 50in (60in optional)
  • Track Shoes Per Side 60
  • Track Gauge (Retracted / Extended) 19ft 2in / 22ft
  • Track Rollers 13 per side
  • Lower Counterweights 3 piece design, up to 37,500 lbs

Upper Structure

  • Load Hoist Drums 22.6in diameter
  • Rope Length Front: 1,230ft / Rear: 960ft
  • Swing Speed 1.7 rpm
  • Upper Counterweights 13 piece design, up to 221,300 lbs
  • Max Line Pull 54,269 lbs
  • Max Winch Line Speed 549 ft/min


  • Heavy Duty Boom 70ft - 300ft, 4 pieces
  • Heavy Duty Boom Extensions 10ft x 7 pieces (305ft max height)
  • Long Range Boom 85ft - 355ft, 4 pieces
  • Long Range Boom Extensions 10ft x 5 pieces (360ft max height)
  • Max Boom Angle 82°


  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity 108 gal
  • Max Pump Flow 220 gal/min
  • Number of Pumps 8 pumps
  • Filtration One 10-micron

Attachment Options

  • Max Tip Height (tubular boom + jib) 435ft
  • Tubular Jib - 2 pieces 40ft - 140ft, offset angles at 5°, 15°, 25°, and 45° (435ft max height)
  • Luffing Boom - 4 pieces 130ft - 200ft, working angles of 90°, 85°, 80°, 75°, 70°, and 65°
  • Luffing Boom Extensions 10ft x 4 pieces
  • Luffing Jib - 3 pieces 100ft - 240ft (420ft max height)
  • Luffing Jib Extensions 10ft x 7 pieces (417ft max height)
  • Fixed Jib - 4 pieces 80ft (446ft max height)
  • Auxiliary Tip Extension 20T max capacity

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Link-Belt 348 HYLAB 5 Lattice Crawler Crane

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