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Link-Belt HTT-86110 Hydraulic Truck Crane

Link-Belt HTT-86110 Hydraulic Truck Crane

The HTT-86110 was built with excellent transportability and can be configured to meet some of the toughest transportation laws. Cruising to the next job site has never been so easy.

Powerful & Responsive Hydraulics

Six pump, pressure compensated hydraulic system allows simultaneous and precise function of boom hoist, winch and swing.

Reach Higher

Cylinders and cables control the boom giving the operator the flexibility to change boom length without fully retracting the boom.

The Confined Area Lifting Capacities (CALC)

The CALC system provides 3 outrigger positions and eliminates guesswork by automatically positioning outriggers at midpoint position.

Easy Access & Service

The pull-out CabWalk™ slides out from its secured travel position underneath the operator’s cab to give the operator a platform to stand on for easy entry and exit from the cab.


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Main Specs

  • Operating Weight 99929LBS
  • Horsepower 450HP
  • Emission Rating Tier 4i
  • Capacity Class 110 US Ton


  • Engine Make/Model Cummins / ISX12
  • Net Torque 1550LBF/FT
  • Rated Speed 1800rpm
  • Displacement 729in3


  • Transmission Type ZF AS-TRONIC 12-speed automated (clutch-less)
  • Max Forward Speed 62mph
  • Tire Size Front: (4) 445/65R22.5 / Rear: (8) 315/80R22.5
  • Steering Modes 8x4 drive/steer for on/off highway travel
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 95 gal



  • Height Over Cab 11ft 5in
  • Width 8ft 6in
  • Width w/ Outriggers 26ft 3in
  • Overall Length w/ Boom 45ft 11in
  • Wheelbase 23ft 5in


  • Boom Extension Modes (max tip height) EM1 (173ft) / EM2 (161ft) / EM3 (149ft) / EM4 (136ft) / EM5 (124ft) / EM6 (99ft)
  • Boom Lengths 38ft - 164ft (6 sections)
  • Boom Head Five 16.5in nylon sheaves
  • Boom Elevation -3° to 80°

Load Hoist System

  • Max Winch Line Pull 20,739 lbs
  • Max Winch Line Speed 495 ft/min (@ 15,353 lbs)
  • Rope Length Main Wench: 730ft / Aux Winch: 600ft
  • Max Rope Storage 834ft
  • Drum Diameter 16in


  • Max Tip Height (with optional lattice fly extension) 262 ft
  • Fly Attachment - 1 fixed piece (Optional) 10ft, offsettable to 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45° (181ft max height)
  • Fly Attachment - 2 piece (Optional) 10ft - 35ft, offsettable to 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45° (206ft max height)
  • Fly Attachment - 3 piece (Optional) 10ft - 35ft - 58ft, offsettable to 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45° (230ft max height)
  • Fly Lattice Extension - 1 piece (Optional) 16ft (246ft max height)
  • Fly Lattice Extension - 2 piece (Optional) 16ft (262ft max height)
  • Hook Blocks (Optional) 25T, 1 sheave / 60T, 3 sheave / 80T, 5 sheave / 110T, 6 sheave
  • Hook Balls (Optional) 10T, swivel & non-swivel


  • Main Jack Breakout Force 112,000 lbf
  • Ground Bearing Pressure 231 PSI
  • Outrigger Pontoon Contact Area 485 in²
  • Suspension Type Raydan Air Link walking beam air suspension
  • Brakes Full Air ABS
  • Max Gradeability @ Peak Torque 1st Gear: 52.8% / 12th Gear: 2.2%
  • Counterweight Range 16,000 lbs - 48,600 lbs


  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity 144 gal
  • Max Pump Flow 188 gal/min
  • Swing Speed 1.7 rpm
  • Filtration One 10-micron

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Link-Belt HTT-86110 Hydraulic Truck Crane

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