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RPM Tech P3500 Snow Blower

RPM Tech P3500 Snow Blower

The RPM Tech P3500 Snow Blower is a single stage rotary fan type snow blower engineered to withstand arduous duty for prolonged periods of time in ambient temperatures down to -40°F. Designed to be front-end loader-mounted, this mighty industrial snow thrower can crush and remove up to 5,000 tons/hour of all types of snow including wet, heavy, and hard packed frozen snow.

With its oversized 6-shovel impeller of 68.5 in., the P3500 can easily clear away large snowfalls and major snow accumulations. to 50 ft.


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Main Specs

  • Capacity (tons/hr) 5,000
  • Projection 130ft
  • Cutting Width 116.5in
  • Weight 17,550 lbs


  • Horsepower 540 hp
  • Fuel Capacity 109 gal
  • Emissions Rating Tier 3




  • Width 116.5"
  • Height 114"
  • Working Height 75"
  • Weight 17,550 lbs


  • Blades Six blades, 0.25" thick
  • Impeller Diameter 68.5"
  • Rotation 90° total

Hydraulic System

  • Pump Flow 6 gpm
  • Fluid Capacity 5 gal

Skatings & Scrapers

  • Quantity 2 external / 4 internal
  • Scraper Blades 2 reversible (½ in. x 6 in.) / 1 non-reversible (½ in. x 7 in.)

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RPM Tech P3500 Snow Blower

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