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Superior 100′ Pinnacle® Stacking Conveyor

Superior 100′ Pinnacle® Stacking Conveyor

The Pinnacle Conveyor’s distinguishing feature is its 22 degree stockpiling incline. Standard conveyors only stockpile at 18 degrees. The Pinnacle Conveyor also has the capacity to stockpile 25-40% more material than standard radial stackers.

Conveyor dimensions available for the 100′ Pinnacle:

24′ x 100′ / 30′ x 100′ / 36′ x 100′ / 42′ x 100′

More Material on Less Real Estate

A 125 foot conveyor creating a 270 degree pile can stockpile over 100,000 tons of material.

Quick Setup

The FD (fold-down) Axle can hydraulically transfer from road to operation in seconds.

Heavy Duty Undercarriage

Equipped with a heavy duty undercarriage for stability, safety and support.

High Performance

With belt speeds running at 350 feet per minute, up to 1,200 tons per hour can be transferred.


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Main Specs

  • Conveyor Length 100ft
  • Belt Widths 24" - 42"
  • Raised Stockpile Height 40ft
  • Max Stockpile Volume 39,700 yd³





Operating Dimensions

  • Conveyor Ground Length 91ft
  • Raised Height to Center of Pulley 39ft 4in
  • Lowered Height to Center of Pulley 20ft 1in
  • Anchor Pivot to Center of Axle 39ft 8in

Travel Dimensions

  • Travel Length - Kingpin to Rear 68ft 8in
  • Travel Height 13ft 2in
  • Travel Width 11ft 5in
  • Kingpin to End of Tow Eye 5ft
  • Kingpin to Axle 39ft 7in
  • Axle to Head Pulley 29ft 1in
  • FD Axle Size FD20
  • Weight at Axle - 36” Belt Width 27,250 lbs
  • Weight at Kingpin - 36” Belt Width 6,300 lbs

Stockpile Dimensions

  • Raised Stockpile Height 40ft
  • Lowered Stockpile Height 20ft 1in
  • Radius of Pile 51ft 7in
  • Anchor Pivot to Center of Pile 93ft

Stockpile Capacities

  • Conical 4,500 yd³
  • 90° 16,300 yd³
  • 180° 28,000 yd³
  • 270° 39,700 yd³

Optional Equipment

  • Moxie® rollers
  • Exterra® SFL dual belt cleaner
  • Hydraulic Landing Jacks
  • On-board power
  • Modular 3-sided hopper w/ fold up wings
  • Sealing system

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Superior 100′ Pinnacle® Stacking Conveyor

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