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Volvo L60H Wheel Loader

Volvo L60H Wheel Loader

L60H Loader by Volvo

The Volvo L60H Wheel Loader is a versatile machine that can take on any task with a wide range of perfectly matched attachments. From the comfort of your loader, sit back and enjoy a clear view of the site while increasing your productivity.

Volvo Powertrain

Thanks to years of development, the Powertrain of the Volvo L60H Wheel Loader offers unrivaled durability and performance for increased uptime, as well as longer component life and higher fuel efficiency.

Counter shaft transmission

Various tailored settings can be selected by the operator to match all applications whether it’s short cycle truck loading or medium to long distance load and carry.

Differential lock

The differential lock is a dog-clutch type which can secure 100% locking, which minimizes wheel spin and tire wear.

Volvo Cab

The cab is consistent across all Volvo wheel loaders and boasts unparalleled all-round visibility, space, climate control, safety and vibration levels.


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Main Specs

  • Bucket Capacity 2.7YD3
    Compatible Range
  • Operating Weight 26800LBS
  • Horsepower 165HP
  • Emission Rating Tier 4 Final


  • Engine Make/Model Volvo / D6J
  • Net Torque 605LBF/FT
  • Rated Speed 1600rpm
  • Displacement 348in3


  • Transmission Type Volvo Automatic Power Shift (APS) gear shifting system with fully automatic shifting 1-4 and mode selector with 4 different gear shifting programs, including AUTO mode.
  • Torque Converter Type Single-stage
  • Controls Actuation Hydraulics
  • Max Forward Speed 27.3mph
  • Differential Lock-Front/Rear Front: 100 / Rear: Open
  • Tire Size 20.5 R25


  • Linkage Geometry Torque parallel linkage (TP-linkage) with high breakout torque and parallel lift-arm action.
  • Straight Tripping Load 18460lbs
  • Full Turn Tipping Load 15895lbs
  • Break Force 17650lbf
  • Dump Reach @ Full Lift Height 3ft 7in
  • Max Hinge Pin Height 12.67ft


  • Length-Standard Shovel 24.3ft
  • Width Over Tires 8ft
  • Height To Top Of Cab 10ft 9in
  • Wheelbase 9.8ft
  • Ground Clearance 17in
  • Standard Bucket Full Lift Dump Height 9ft 2in

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Volvo L60H Wheel Loader

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