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Broce Broom MK-1 Transfer Sweeper

The unique combination of mechanical components specifically designed for loading material and time-tested Broce Broom sweeping technology makes final clean up fast and efficient with the revolutionary MK-1 Transfer Sweeper.

Sweeping & Loading Team

The Model 350 Broce Broom with blade and gutter attachment working in front of MK I make a perfect team to complete cleaning process.

Fast & Efficient

The unique design of mechanical components for loading material, combined with Broce Broom sweeping technology, makes final clean up fast and efficient.

Simple Operation

Instrument panel and guages along with joystick control are standard on the MK I.

Maximum Comfort & Visibility

The enclosed cab offers two doors with gas shocks, tinted safety glass, front windshield wiper, and padded floor mat.


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Broce Broom MK-1 Transfer Sweeper

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