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Genesis GDT Razer Demolition Tool

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The Genesis GDT Razer Demolition Tool is a concrete processor designed for today’s new classes of excavators and specialty, high-reach applications.

Featuring a lighter-weight design, the GDT is optimized to fit on standard, as well as most high-reach, demolition machines. A short, flat-top head with bolt-on bracket makes installation simple, shortens the center of gravity and makes it easier to switch the tool between excavators.

The number of crushing teeth and their locations can be customized to meet project needs, and the bolt-on teeth can be interchanged and reversed front to back for longer life and lower cost of operation and ownership.



Model Specifications:

Model Weight (lbs) * Jaw Opening Jaw Depth Reach ** Min. Excavator Weight (stick mount)
GDT 190 4,900 31″ 33″ 8′ 0″ 45,000
GDT 290 7,000 39″ 42″ 9′ 2″ 66,000
GDT 390 10,000 46″ 45″ 10′ 6″ 90,000
*Weight includes mounting bracket to attach to excavator.
**Distance is measured from the attachment mounting pivot (boom or stick) forward.



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Genesis GDT Razer Demolition Tool

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