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Genesis GMP-D Mechanical Pulverizer

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The Genesis GMP-D Mechanical Pulverizer is a demolition pulverizer attachment that features a multi-machine mounting design for maximum excavator flexibility and an extended link pin position for optimal power.

Available with weld-in teeth that can be rebuilt in place for extended life or with bolt-in teeth that are easily replaced in the field, the D Series’ offset teeth maximize its ability to downsize material. To simplify maintenance, all the teeth on this concrete processor extend beyond the chin to protect the parent steel from wear and abrasion, and the pass-through jaw design facilitates material processing while preventing jamming



Model Specifications:

Model Weight (lbs) * Jaw Opening ** Jaw Depth Moving Jaw Width Fixed Jaw Width Tooth Configuration Excavator Weight
GMP 50D 4,650 36″ 25″ 24″ 32″ 3/4 40,000-60,000
GMP 70D 5,050 40″ 29″ 26.5″ 34″ 3/4 60,000-80,000
GMP 90D 6,400 44″ 32.5″ 32.5″ 40″ 4/5 80,000-110,000

*Weight includes mounting bracket to attach to excavator.
**Jaw opening varies slightly depending on excavator mounting location.



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Genesis GMP-D Mechanical Pulverizer

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