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Liebherr A 924 Litronic Wheeled Excavator

Liebherr A 924 Litronic Wheeled Excavator combines above-average performance with a high level of economy. The high degree of vertical integration ensures maximum quality and allows optimum coordination of components for maximum efficiency.

More Production

The intelligent structure of the uppercarriage and separate mounting of the hoist cylinders permits a significant lift capacity. That makes the A 924 Litronic the ideal machine for pipeline and trenching applications.

Liebherr Tier 4 Engine

The Liebherr D934 diesel engine minimizes environmental impact with low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. To achieve emissions standard Tier 4f, Liebherr employs an innovative SCR system (selective catalytic reduction).

Operating Safely

The standard pipe fracture safety valves on the stick and hoist cylinders prevents the attachments from dropping in an uncontrolled way and ensure maximum safety during every operation.

Quiet Cabs

The use of viscous mounts, good insulation and low-noise diesel engines from Liebherr minimizes noise emissions and vibrations. The noise levels are just 72 dB(A) in the operator’s cab and 103 dB(A) outside.


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Liebherr A 924 Litronic Wheeled Excavator

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