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Liebherr R 946 Crawler Excavator

The Liebherr R 946 Crawler Excavator features a new maintenance concept for minimal downtime and greater profitability. Operator comfort has been optimized for relaxed, ergonomic working and increased productivity.

Advanced Performance

Liebherr’s electronics, positive control hydraulics, and even the engines are designed from the start to be interconnected and generate optimum operating power with fast and fluid movements.

Electronic Power Control

This control system allows the engine power to be effectively and optimally converted, from an energetic point of view, into hydraulic power. This is as a result of greater forces, a faster working speed and a lower fuel consumption.

Liebherr Quality

The individual components of the power train, such as the diesel engine, gears, swing drive, working pumps and hydraulic cylinders are designed and manufactured by Liebherr. This means that they are all compatible with each other in a global system, guaranteeing greater reliability and a longer service life.

High Visibility

The very large glazed surface area and minimal area of uprights guarantee optimal visibility from the operator’s platform, as well as a wide safety exit from the rear window for the operator’s safety and peace of mind.


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Liebherr R 946 Crawler Excavator

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