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Link-Belt 138 HSL Lattice Crawler Crane

The 138 HSL has pioneered a host of special features that are rolled right into this crane such as spotter circuits, list charts, pile driving lead adapters, extendable head shafts, and not to mention the Link-Belt ground-bearing calculator.

Strong Power Plant

Smooth, quite efficient Isuzu power with total horsepower control provides unmatched line speeds under loads, as well as multi function ability.

Simplified Transport & Assembly

Quick draw single hydraulic cylinder mounted in boom base section is used for self-assembly and disassembly. There’s no need for a helper crane or special rigging block.

Built For the Job

The boom top section features heavy duty polyamide sheaves and standard pin-on points for attachment of options such as a fixed jib, tip extension and adapters for universal pile driving leads.

Cab Convenience

Standard features include rated capacity limiter, air conditioner, and pilot-operated armchair controls w/ adjustable sliding console.


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Link-Belt 138 HSL Lattice Crawler Crane

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