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RPM Tech RPM227 Snow Blower

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The RPM Tech RPM227 Snow Blower is a heavy duty, two stage snow blower engineered to withstand arduous duty for prolonged periods of time in ambient temperatures down to -40°F. Designed to be front-end loader-mounted, this powerful snow blower can crush and clear up to 3,000 tons/hour of all types of snow including wet, heavy, and hard packed frozen snow. With its oversized 27 in. dual solid augers and its impeller of 40 in., the RPM227 can easily manage large snowfalls and major snow accumulations.

In addition to the hydraulically operated telescopic loading chute and the steering vanes, the RPM227 features a unique frame design that can be separated in two parts to facilitate engine heavy maintenance.


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RPM Tech RPM227 Snow Blower

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