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RPM Tech TM36R Self-Propelled Snow Blower

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RPM Tech’s technologically advanced self-propelled industrial snow blower will answer the high demands of airports, municipalities and heavy duty contractors. The RPM Tech TM36R Self-Propelled Snow Blower is a two stage ribbon auger type snow blower that has a theoretical volumetric capacity of 293,216 ft³/hour and a loading capacity of 3,500 tons of snow per hour.

It reaches speeds of 37 mph with its 385 hp Caterpillar diesel engine. Security issues were predominant while developing the TM36R. It was designed with a 360° visibility and emergency shut down button on each side of the vehicle. The cabin is controlled by a multiplex system allowing for options such as camera activated system for backing up or motion detector.


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Main Specs





Carrier System

Transfer Gear Box

Brake System

Wheels & Tires


Impeller & Drum

Loading Chute

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RPM Tech TM36R Self-Propelled Snow Blower

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