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Volvo EC160E Crawler Excavator

Volvo’s new EC160E provides a range of new features to ensure efficiency is a key priority. By carefully considering every duty and component, a machine has been produced that incorporates maximum uptime while also reducing fuel consumption and cycle times – all while delivering elite performance.

Increased Power

The increased engine power combined with the increased pump flow creates a highly responsive combined operation and travel. It also produces faster cycle times and low fuel consumption which leads to higher productivity.

Tier 4 Final Engine

Featuring proven advanced technology, and built on decades of experience, Volvo’s robust Tier 4 Final engine boasts more power – while reducing both fuel consumption and emissions to deliver superior quality, reliability and durability.

Optimized Hydraulics System

The hydraulics system, combined with the fully electronic control system and advanced ECO mode, has been optimized to work in harmony with D4 Tier 4 Final engine to match the engine power, reduce power loss and improve controllability and response time.

Easy Service Access

Easy access for maintenance means regular checks are completed faster – increasing uptime and driving down total cost of ownership. The E-series features safe access guardrails to assist in checking the hydraulic tank, fuel tank and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). This is in addition to the easily accessible side entry, through a wide compartment door.


Customer Support Agreements – Genuine Volvo Parts – Service Network

Being a Volvo customer means having a complete set of services at your fingertips. Volvo can offer you a long-term partnership, protect your revenue and provide a full range of customer solutions using high quality parts, delivered by passionate people. Volvo is committed to increasing the positive return on your investment and maximizing uptime.

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Track Drive & Undercarriage

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Volvo EC160E Crawler Excavator

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