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Volvo EC35D Compact Excavator

The Volvo EC35D Compact Excavator features a comfortable cab and easy-to-use controls for high performance and precise operation. With its excellent hydraulic performance and easy serviceability you can do more for less in all applications.

Optimized efficiency

For lower costs, increased productivity and maximum uptime a number of efficient features combine on the EC35D. ECO mode allows you to choose the right machine setting for the job at hand for impressive fuel efficiency. Robust design and quality digging equipment delivers durability and long term machine value. Auto idle and auto engine shut down reduce noise disturbance, fuel consumption, maintenance costs and slow down depreciation of your machine.

Hydraulics in Harmony

The machine’s state-of-the-art hydraulic system is perfectly matched to the premium Volvo engine delivering high performance and smooth operation. Intuitive fingertip controls enhance ease of operation, reduce fatigue and improve fluency. Adjust hydraulic flows in each direction from inside the cab for ultimate precision and versatility. Easily switch between operators with the ability to change from excavator to backhoe controls with a simple flick of the switch on the armrest.

Superior Serviceability

The EC35D is built to ensure servicing is safe, quick and easy, featuring easy service access with wide-opening hoods, centralized lubrication and ground-level greasing points. The patented multi-function transparent hydraulic filter and extended greasing intervals of 50 hours, enhance machine availability and uptime.

Performance and Precision

Increase your power and precision in all applications with the EC35D. The machine’s outstanding lifting capacity and digging force deliver extra productivity and faster cycle times. Impressive tractive force and superior blade design delivers an increased performance when dozing. The float function, compatible with the angle blade, achieves a precise finish in grading applications.


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Volvo EC35D Compact Excavator

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