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Volvo ECR305C Crawler Excavator

The Volvo ECR305C crawler excavator is the short swing radius machine that 30-ton-excavator owners should turn to for commanding performance. You can go where the work is, and you can handle it all with the power, lift capacity and stability you demand.

Short Swing Radius

The performance of a 30-ton conventional excavator – with the flexibility of a short swing radius. The ECR305C provides exceptional versatility for operation in one lane of traffic, confined jobsites, or in open areas.

Never Short on Performance

The ECR305C features a heavy counterweight and excellent center of gravity, which provide for comparable stability and balance as conventional excavators when swinging on slopes.

Intelligent, High Quality Design

Volvo excavators are built with quality you can see and feel. Reinforced superstructure, forged steel top roller, and strengthened track guards ensure that your Volvo ECR305C is built to last.

More Productivity, Less Fatigue

Get comfortable doing more. Less fatigue goes along way toward productivity. The ease of operation in the quiet, safe cab of the Volvo ECR305C is the way to do it. And with industry-leading fuel efficiency, Volvo helps you stay relaxed knowing that more of your profits are going into your pocket – not your fuel tank.


Customer Support Agreements – Genuine Volvo Parts – Service Network

Being a Volvo customer means having a complete set of services at your fingertips. Volvo can offer you a long-term partnership, protect your revenue and provide a full range of customer solutions using high quality parts, delivered by passionate people. Volvo is committed to increasing the positive return on your investment and maximizing uptime.

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Track Drive & Undercarriage

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Volvo ECR305C Crawler Excavator

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