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Heavy Power Equipment Rental

Power Equipment and Construction Equipment Rental

Affordable Heavy Machinery Rental Rates from Power Equipment Company

Our highly diversified heavy equipment rental fleet includes premium machine brands that will meet your individual job-site requirements. Whether you’re a small contractor or larger contractor, Power Equipment Company delivers the right equipment for the job.

We are proud to have the largest aggregate equipment product availability in the Rocky Mountain region. All of our aggregate equipment is available to buy, rent, or rent-to-purchase at any of our branch locations.

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Why Renting Equipment Makes Sense

There are several reasons why it’s a good decision to rent the equipment you need from Power Equipment Company:

  • One of the largest heavy equipment rental fleets in the Rocky Mountain region.
  • Our Rent-to-Purchase Option allows you to apply portions of the rental payment toward the cost of purchasing the machine.
  • Purchasing heavy equipment is a big financial commitment that may not be affordable.
  • If you have specific equipment needs that aren’t long-term, such as substituting machines that are down for repairs or a rarely occurring job.
  • You get to experience equipment performance before deciding to purchase.

Ready to get to work? Contact us today and find the equipment that meets your specific needs!


Flexible Rental Terms

Terms on our rental equipment can be for a week, month, or longer – whatever it takes for you to get the job done! If you decide to return the rental early or need a different machine, we’ll make sure that you end up getting what you need. View our rental rates here.

Rental Discounts

Need a haul truck with your wheel loader rental? Take advantage of rental discounts if you rent more than one machine at a time. Put more back into your bottom-line when you rent with Power Equipment Company.

Rent-to-Purchase Option (RPO)

Our Rent-to-Purchase Option is an excellent way to get the equipment you need without a big upfront investment. A portion of your rental payment is applied to the cost of the machine. At the end of the RPO term, you get to purchase the machine at a price reduced from your rental payments. This option gives you the machine acquisition power of a big contractor, but with terms that work with your finances!

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