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Liebherr R 924 Crawler Excavator

The new Liebherr R 924 Crawler Excavator is a high performance machine which balances power, accuracy and efficiency in the most effective way. Furthermore, cutting-edge hydraulics allow full flexibility and precision movements even on the most demanding applications.

High-Tech Performance

The R 924 excavator is fitted with Liebherr’s Positive Control hydraulic system. This system is controlled by Liebherr electronics and uses strategically-positioned sensors. All of the machine’s work is therefore faster, more accurate and fluid.

Robust Undercarriage

The strength of the undercarriage lengthens the service life of the machine. The larger openings between the track carriers and the central part of the undercarriage make them easier to maintain, as do the steps on the vertical side of the track carriers.

First Class Cab

The R 924 cab offers maximum seating comfort thanks to its pneumatic lumbar support, its electronic weight-actuated height adjuster, and its air-conditioning with activated charcoal and built-in fan. It is especially designed for the operators’ well-being.

Centralized Lubrication System

The fully automated lubrication system is a true time-saver for the operator, with minimum machine downtime.


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Liebherr R 924 Crawler Excavator

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