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Link-Belt RTC-8090 Series II Rough Terrain Crane

The Link-Belt RTC-8090 Series II rough terrain cranes feature remarkable control, reliability, and capacity performance for all lifting and loading applications.

4-Link Suspension

The 4-Link design consists of four linkage bars, a track locator bar, and two oscillation cylinders. Working together these components allow the axle to rotate in a side to side motion.

The Confined Area Lifting Capabilities (CALC)

The CALC system provides three outrigger positions: full retraction, intermediate extension, full extension. Outrigger pins eliminate guesswork by automatically positioning outriggers at midpoint position.

Multiple Steering Modes

Four steering modes are chosen and performed with the steering wheel and include independent front, independent rear, combination, and “crab” modes.

Operator Comfort

The cab features extra large windows throughout for excellent visibility, and all gauges, switches, indicators, and controls are located in the operator’s forward line of sight.


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Link-Belt RTC-8090 Series II Rough Terrain Crane

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