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Unlocking Business Growth with Midsize Excavators

December 14th, 2023

In the realm of construction, adaptability stands as the cornerstone of success. The seamless transition between projects of diverse sizes and complexities distinguishes the most efficient contractors, and at the heart of this versatility lies the midsize excavator.

Within the 15- to 35-ton range, boasting around 120 to 170 horsepower, midsize excavators strike a harmonious balance between power and agility. Their ability to navigate the demands of both small-scale tasks and extensive projects positions them as indispensable assets for any construction team.

These Volvo excavators excel across a spectrum of scenarios, from simple landscaping endeavors to major infrastructure undertakings. Whether you’re an experienced contractor seeking to expand your workload or a budding startup eager to enter the field, grasping the versatility of medium excavators unveils a realm of possibilities.


Small-Scale Excavator Excellence

For precision-demanding, nimble projects, midsize excavators prove adept at both maneuverability and handling larger tasks. Consider these examples:

Residential Construction: Ideal for tasks like foundation trenching and excavating for pools.

Residential Utility Work: Versatile for tasks such as sewer and water lateral installations.

Landscaping: Perfect for digging trenches, creating garden features, or clearing small plots.


Medium-Duty Excavator Prowess

Ready to step up? Medium excavators cover projects of a higher magnitude:

Commercial Construction: Tackle larger excavation tasks with models like Volvo EC200E and EC220E.

Roadwork: Effective in road construction, especially with short-swing models for narrow lanes.

Site Preparation: Prepare sites for shopping centers, industrial facilities, and housing complexes.


Large Excavator Projects

Scaling up further? Midsize excavators play a supporting role in heavier projects:

Major Infrastructure Projects: Contribute to bridges, dams, and tunnels with larger models like Volvo EC250E and EC300E.

Demolition: Suited for low-rise demolition projects with specialized attachments.


Factors to Consider

Tailor your excavator choice based on core work scope:

Bucket Type and Capacity: Match the bucket size to optimize performance.

Digging Depth and Reach: Consider maximum digging depth and reach based on project requirements.

Lift Capacity: Know the max lift capacity depending on usage.

Hydraulics: Ensure hydraulic capacity aligns with the planned attachments.


Midsize excavators offer exceptional versatility, suitable for single operators to large contractors. They effortlessly move across job sizes, adding value to any fleet and expanding business opportunities. Explore Volvo mid-size excavators for detailed model comparisons and specifications. For financial insights, contact us at 800-883-9284.